Using the Blackberry Template

Before reading this tutorial you should have read the General Tutorial.


Blackberry development requires a large amount of RAM.  You should have at least 4 and preferably 8 Gig of RAM to develop for Blackberry on an OS X machine.


In order to develop for Blackberry you must have installed the Blackberry Widget SDK.  Instructions for this installation are found in the Installation Tutorial



After naming your project and saving it into the QCShare directory, your project, based on the QuickConnect Blackberry Application Template Xcode, opens up and displays to you your ready-to-modify project.  You see several folders and a few files.  To use the QuickConnectFamily framework the only items you need to concern yourself with are:




Development Steps:


  1. Write your application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  There is no need to build the application.  Editing the files is sufficient.
  2. Replace the icon.png file with one of your own making of the same size (48 x 48 pixels)
  3. Switch to Win 7 running in VirtualBox
  4. Open the shared QCShare directory in Explorer
  5. Select all of the items in the folder <appName>\<appName> and zip them by Command-clicking and selecting Send To -> archive.  Do NOT use winzip or some other zip utility.  Doing so will cause packaging of your application to fail.
  6. Move this archive file to the Desktop/QCBlackberryApps folder
  7. Rename the archive file to <appName>.zip
  8. Open the Command terminal in Win7
  9. Change directories to your BlackBerry Widget Packager directory using the  cd command
  10. Call the packager tool by entering:   bbwp <full path to file> .  The easiest way to do this is to enter bbwp in the command shell and then drag the zip file onto the command shell.  Windows will enter the full path for you.
  11. Start the 9500 Blackberry simulator found in the c:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\simulator directory.
  12. Select File->Load Java Program once the OS is loaded.
  13. Brows to the Desktop\BBeryApps\bin\StandardInstall directory and select the <appName>.cod file listed there.
  14.  Your application can now be found under the Downloads button in the Blackberry simulator.
  15. Run your app and it displays on the device simulator.