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Preparing to use Apple Push

Page history last edited by Lee Barney 14 years, 4 months ago

This information was generously created by a QuickConnectFamily user, Mike.

It is included here for your assistance.




With Lee adding APNS to QCiPhone, I thought I would provide some info

that I discovered a couple months back.  Make sure you watch all three

videos, they are very informative.

Instructions from http://www.z2live.com/push_notifications.

Also, make sure you get the mac application called z2notify.  This

application will send a notification to the device id you enter, but

this device must have your application installed.  In order to get

z2notify, you must sign up as a user on the site.

Creating a Push Notification Certificate


1. Creating the App ID.

2. Configuring the App ID for Push Notifications.

3. Creating a Certificate Request.

4. Uploading the Certificate Request.

5. Downloading your Application Push Certificate.

6. Installing the Certificate into the Keychain.

Setting up an Application for Push Notifications


1. Creating/Downloading/Installing Provisioning Profile.

2. Viewing the "aps-environment" entitlement.

3. Getting the Z2NotifyMe application from GitHub.

4. Setting up the AppID and Code Signing.

5. Getting the Device Token.

6. Getting Z2Notify and setting Push Information.

7. Testing Push Notifications.

8. Debugging via Wait for Next Launch/Push Notification.

Exporting your Private Push Certificate


1. Determining the Right Certificate.

2. Exporting Private Certificate.

3. Skipping the "Password for Exporting" dialog box.

4. Viewing the Private Certificate.

Good luck.


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