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QuickConnectAndriod is a port of the QuickConnectFamily framework to the iPhone.  It allows you to Write your application in JavaScript, access the device, and use the same code to deploy your application to the iPhone and Nokia phones.  It can even be used to build Mac and Linux applications with JavaScript.


As with all members of the QuickConnectFamily development is easy, fast, and modular. 

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Lee Barney said

at 2:18 pm on Dec 16, 2008

The 1.0 release version of QuickConnectiPhone is now available for download from SourceForge. It allows your application, from JavaScript, to:
Get browser based database access
Get access to databases shipped with or created by your application
Get GPS location information
Get device acceleration information
Show and use native Date and Date/Time pickers
Vibrate the device
Record and playback audio
Play system sounds such as the notification sound
Use a prebuilt drag and drop framework to easily make any DOM object draggable
Use a prebuilt scaling and rotation framework to easily make any DOM object resizable and rotatable.

Examples for all capabilities are included in the Examples directory included in the download.
An installer is included to add QuickConnectiPhone templates to both Xcode and Dashcode to speed your development.
It will also install beta versions of QuickConnectMac and QuickConnectPHP as well as file templates for JavaScript and PHP files. QuickConnectMac allows you to write Mac applications using the same JavaScript framework that you use for iPhone applications. You can use this instead of Adobe Air. Write your application once and compile it for both iPhone and Mac.

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